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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Your health is our top priority! Here are the special measures in place to keep all guests and employees safe, both during and after your activity.

Measures to reduce the risk of exposure

  • all our groups are small, maximum 9 people
  • wearing a mask is compulsory for the guide and the participants
  • the guide carries spare hand sanitizer that travelers can use whenever necessary
  • the guide permanently keeps a 6-foot distance with the group
  • during the tour the guide points out to participants the public facilities for hand washing, refilling their bottles of sanitizer etc.
  • before each tasting, the guide uses hand sanitizer and offers it to the participants if hand washing is not possible.
  • all our itineraries are slightly adapted to avoid crowded sidewalks where distancing is difficult to respect
  • all our local partners respect the social distancing measures and have adapted the space and their products following the local health recommendations (cleaning frequency, distance between the tables etc.)
  • all our fixed tours are walking tours, no public transport is used

Briefing for travelers and training for guides

  • all our guides are thoroughly trained to respect the health and safety measures and to make sure the participants stay healthy while discovering Paris
  • each tour will start with a safety briefing that covers all of the necessary information for customers, especially latest local health authority advices on social distancing, mask usage etc. During the briefing, the guide will ask the travelers if they haven’t had any symptoms and what to do in case they have them during their journey.

Wellness check

  • employees receive daily wellness checks to ensure they are healthy and symptom-free.
  • we highly recommend travelers who are experiencing symptoms to contact us before the tour and we work directly with them to reschedule or cancel their tour.

Fight against propagation

  • we highly recommend travelers to contact us if they were tested positive shortly after a tour and they possibly passed the virus to other participants during the visit. We then contact all the participants to their tour to explain the situation and recommend them to get tested.
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